Top Sites to Learn About Art World

The best way to keep one’s hand on the pulse in the art world is to subscribe to several newsletters. This is the most modern and convenient solution for people who are always busy and need only important facts from trustful sources. In case you want to catch up with the art world in Jan 2020, you should check out the five websites we’ll discuss in the article below. 

The most popular solution

Frieze is an excellent choice to get a hold of all the art-related news. The site publishes articles from writers, critics, and other experts. There are regular columns and exclusive content for art lovers and professionals in this industry. The website has an excellent reputation and a printed magazine. It’s a great source for those who like visiting new exhibitions, galleries, and museums. 

One of the featured artists here is Clyfford Still. This American painter brought the world some exquisite abstract paintings. His works were displayed at the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. The latter, by the way, organized his exhibition that is still considered to be the largest afforded by this institution to the work of a living artist. 

Other great options that cover different art news

In case you are looking for something different, Art in America can be your choice. The online magazine has had its ups and downs but it’s one of the oldest in the world. Now it offers both digital and printed art news. The website has a calendar of events, auction information, and even live coverage of some art events. They also have the most important news and trends, galleries’ reviews, featured artists, the coverage of art events, etc. 

Speaking of old and reputable, Artnews is the oldest in the world. The magazine features artists, events, etc. Lots of well-known artists and critics have contributed to this magazine. Aside from the website, there is a printed issue. Both bring high-quality content to all visitors. 

Art websites for aspiring artists

If you are a young artist, you should check out Whitehot Magazine. It helped lots of new artists to start their careers. Over 300 writers and critics published their essays and articles here. The site is also a great source of news. It covers different kinds of artwork and has a dedicated YouTube channel. The latter has numerous documentaries that are sure to broaden your knowledge of contemporary art. 

A combination of a news site and a marketplace

If learning about art news is not enough, try Artspace. This is a marketplace that brings art closer to people. Collectors and art lovers can find some great pieces for their collections and houses. The site is full of exclusive and stunning artworks. It has an online magazine page that covers news and publishes different reviews. Artspace works with many world-popular institutions and museums like the Met, the Andy Warhol Museum, etc. 

The Internet has hundreds of sites and blogs that bring art news. They can have a narrow area of expertise or general coverage. Pick the most suitable ones based on your areas of interest and knowledge.