Identity Theft Protection from IdShield

The modern world brings people closer and yet takes them apart. Using the Internet, it’s very easy to get in touch with people from far away or nearby, buy things, pay for services, etc. Sometimes we don’t stop to think how much personal information is out there. We share our banking details with online stores, use passwords that can be easily stolen by cybercriminals. It’s important to be careful when going online. What’s more, it’s better to get identity theft protection from IdShield. Let’s find out more about the peculiarities and opportunities one gets with it.

Pros and cons of using IdShield services

The company has built its image as an affordable solution best-suited for families. Just calculate how convenient it is to pay $35 every month for 10 family members. The sum seems very appealing. On the other hand, individuals also get decent prices and identity theft protection from $13 per month. These facts speak volumes about the advantages of IdShield.

However, it isn’t all this service may offer. Regardless of the plan, users get 13 types of alerts. The system monitors different sites, registries, the dark web, and social media. When it observes unusual behavior, it sends a notification to assist a user in solving the issue at the early stages.

On the contrary, the biggest disadvantage is that users get the news only after the problem occurred. It concerns all services of this kind, not only this particular company. To prevent losses, it’s better to keep personal information hygiene on the Internet.

Besides, receiving many alerts might make a user miss some important updated, news or notifications.

IdShield plans and pricing

Individuals can pick from two main plans: IdShield One-Bureau Individual or Three-Bureau Individual plan.

  • One-Bureau Individual plan cost about $156 annually or $13 per month. It’s a relatively basic plan that includes monthly tracking of the user’s credit score from TransUnion.
  • Three-Bureau Individual plan is $216 annually or $18 monthly. It’s a more expensive version that also monitors user’s credit reports at three main credit bureaus.

Both individual plans have 13 types of alerts. The engine scans the Internet for the user’s personal data in the credit application, the dark web, etc. It also includes social media monitoring. The system monitors the sex offenders’ registry, too.

Families also have two solutions to choose from a One-Bureau Family and a Three-Bureau family plan. All family plans cover up to 10 family members. 

  • One-Bureau Family costs $312 annually or $30 per month. The plan covers up to 10 family members. It offers credit score tracking for a primary family member and a spouse/partner.
  • Three-Bureau Family costs $400 annually or $33 per month. It’s a luxurious option the company offers. In addition to all the services mentioned above, both a primary member and a spouse/partner get monthly tracking of the TransUnion credit score at three main credit bureaus.

Both family plans bring 13 types of alerts. They notify family members about suspicious activities with their data on social media, the dark web, the credit application, etc.

Every IdShield plan comes with recovery insurance. The sum goes up to $2 million in reimbursement for lost wages, travel expenses, and legal consulting/defense. Individual plans have up to $1 million.


In this review, it became clear that the company is very affordable. It also offers great features and possibilities to protect up to 10 family members.