Best Buy HP Laptop

Since 1939, HP has never failed to offer the world with seven decades of innovation with its coolest tech gadgets and HP laptops stands out to be total stunners in among the rest. HP launches a new line up of laptop models into the market every single year. Last year, the HP Envy 13 has stolen the show. It is regarded as one of the best-buy HP laptops in the past years.

There are few models in this line but this one particularly known as HP Envy ah0010nr. It is a portable and powerful laptop with sleek design finish. It comes along with the charger, power cord, and warranty card. The first thing that stands out with the computer is the build quality and design. The build is all high-quality aluminum which increases the durability of the laptop. With modern and contemporary look with a matte silver touch, the design itself speaks out loud. The lightweight and sizeable model that easily fits in a backpack make it a perfect choice for both students and business. Additionally, it has a unique hinge that alleviates the laptop while opening to provide optimum ventilation area below the screen display. An embedded cooling pad beneath the laptop serves its purpose to keep it nice and cool during use.

The display is 13.3 full HD touch screen with the latest Intel i7-core to experience smooth multitasking and effective performance. You will face no interference or lagging experience since HP Envy 13 operates at 8GB Ram processor for faster and lag-free actions. There is combo headphone and microphone audio jack on the left port panel alongside with multipurpose USB Type-C Gen 1 port and Type-A Gen 3.1 ports to permit versatile connectivity to different devices. It comes with a microSD card slot to provide additional storage along with the internal dual storage support of 1TB fast-flash storage. Another impressive feature of HP Envy 13 is the integrated fingerprint scanner for secure login and protection of data. With one button touch, the safe view screen will be enabled that permits the user to experience a private and confidential utilization.

The 4K UHD bright Display accompanied by the custom-tuned HP embedded audio speakers by BANG & OLUFSEN will take movies and videos to the next level by magically bringing the content to life and offer ultimate entertainment. HP Envy 13 ah0010nr model provides an incredible 14 hours of battery life and fast charging functions which goes from 0% to 50% in just 45 minutes. It never fails to give an all-day-energy for uninterrupted performances no matter where you are. The keyboard is back lit and touch-sensitive with great travel as well as soft to touch layout. But it has enough tactility so you can still feel it.

In short, HP Envy 13 ah0010nr is the best buy model of 2018 due to its exceptional power, lustrous design, standard specifications, and high-quality functions. Plus, nothing can beat this model in providing the comfort, convenience and user experience that you can get at an affordable price point which ranges from $900 to $1200.