Avast Game Mode

Avast Antivirus is a collection of internet security apps developed by Avast. It offers real-time protection against threats in Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS. It has a free version as well as a proprietary version which provides antivirus software, browser security, computer security, anti-spam and anti-phishing. Along with all these features, another successful feature of it is Avast Game Mode which improves the performance of the device while a game is being played on it. Game mode adjusts the system settings and disables unnecessary apps from running in the background.

Avast Game Mode is a feature which is activated either by selecting the feature on Avast Antivirus application or it activates by default when a game has been detected by the software if adequate permissions are given. The latest games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex are gripping currently, but they have something in common. All of these applications access a lot of memory and are sensitive to any activity in the background. This may even result is reduced Frames Per Second (FPS). But, gaming while all the background applications are closed does have unforeseen implications.

One of the major problems in closing all background apps while gaming is a security risk. Thus, Avast Game Mode offers the solution to this problem. Avast Game Mode ensures that all background apps remain closed while gaming and the devices are protected all through this time. The primary features of Game Mode are:

  1. It prioritizes the task: The CPU’s focus is on the game and thus, the game will always perform the best.
  2. Pauses Updates: It temporarily prevents Windows from updating
  3. Mutes all notifications
  4. Disable Avast Pop-ups
  5. Switches battery usage to High-Performance Mode.

Avast Game Mode has been prone to many bugs, considering its default game recognition system has been under constant scrutiny by the users. But when Game Mode cannot recognize a game, users may add the game manually by the following process:

  1. Open Avast.
  2. Click on ‘Performance’ Section
  3. Select ‘Game Mode’ and then click on ‘Add Game’.
  4. Select the game file with the .exe extension.
  5. When the game has been added, check ‘Activate Game Mode’.
  6. Click on ‘Save’

This process will ensure that Game Mode is launched every time you start the selected game. Another bug that Avast Game Mode is prone to, is the auto-detection of some applications as games. This has caused quite a stir. Thus, the Avast Game Mode 2019 was introduced with some additional features. It has introduced DND mode to ensure that no notifications are sent when the user doesn’t want ant. It also allows users to disable an app from being recognized as a game. In combination with this, Avast Game Mode feature may be disabled from the Avast application.

Avast Game Mode was introduced as an additional component to the software. So, this component may be uninstalled. This may be done in two ways –

  1. In Avast, click on ‘Components’ under ‘Settings’ and uncheck Game Mode.
  2. In Control Panel, open ‘Programs and Features’. Click on ‘Change’ under Avast and uncheck the required option.

Avast Game Mode has thus been quite effective for Gamers, as the high-tech games have entered the market and caused a stir. It is a one-stop solution for them and one of a kind features of an Antivirus application which is not available with most other software.