How To Disable Avast

You may be wondering about how to go about disabling Avast antivirus. This might be due to your need to download a third-party security software that is in conflict with Avast or you may want to download another software but this action is also paused by avast. This article will elaborate clearly everything you need to know in order to successfully disable or stop the latest version of Avast.

Disabling avast basically amounts to switching and turning off the avast antivirus active mode. The steps involved in this task are as follows;


locate the taskbar on your windows pc.

The Avast icon will be clearly visible in its orange-yellow color.

Sometimes it is hidden in some windows machines, so you will need to click on the top icon of an arrow.

After the icon has been found, you should right click on it to see the options it presents.

The option you need to select is avast shield control which should further provide more options.

The four options you will get basically encompass the amount of time you want to switch off Avast. the options include switching off for 10minutes, 1 hour, till the time of restart of the computer and the last option being that of permanent disabling.

The option you select will be disabled and then you will get a prompt asking you to confirm your decision.

When you click Yes, your protection from the avast antivirus will be disabled. This will be effective for as long as you chose.

A confirmation will reveal that Avast antivirus is really off. This can be achieved by opening the application’s main window where it will indicate to you that all antivirus shields are off.


This procedure will require you to open the avast antivirus main window from where you should easily locate the Core Shields which is located inside the Protection title.

You can then click on the settings section located at the bottom left corner and go deep into the component selection. When you the system lets you in you will see several shields from the Avast menu listed on the screen with the switch off options.

Whichever option you choose, once the button is clicked you will get four options to choose from. The four options are similar to the ones we covered in an earlier section.

After you have switched off the specified shield a new screen will appear confirming what you have done.


When everything else fails and you find that you are unable to resolve the problem, uninstalling can be the best solution available to you. This option may not be recommended because it leaves your computer vulnerable to virus attacks.

You need to locate the avast program from the control panel of your computer. after the above process is complete manually uninstalling should not make you break a sweat. Right-click the icon of avast antivirus and you will be able to see the uninstall option. this process removes all the components of avast from your computer.

In conclusion, Avast antivirus plays a very important role in protecting your computer against attacks. Any action that limits its functions needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Hopefully, a careful reading of this piece enables you to solve your problems while having the risks in sight.